Main Projects

International Petro Asmari Company Finished and ongoing Projects
NumSubjectProject TypeClientDuration (months)Status
1Supervision on 3D seismic and processing  in Pazanan oil fieldSupervisionPetroleum Engineering & Development Company43Completed
2Man powering services to Engineering & Construction DepartmentMan poweringIranian Central Oil Field Company36Completed
3Full field study and MDP preparation of Dalpri oilfieldDesigningIranian Central Oil Field Company19.5Completed
4Engineering services and supervision of sub surface and surface activities in Masjed E Soleiman oil field development projectConsulting and supervisionPetroleum Engineering & Development Company30Completed
5Detailed design and PC tender documents preparation for pipeline installation of oil transport from Masjed E Soleiman to Nafte E Sefid with length of 35 km.DesigningPetroleum Engineering & Development Company3Completed
6Basic engineering design and EPC tender document preparation for the construction of communication lines for Masjed Suleiman oil fieldDesigningPetroleum Engineering & Development Company2.5Completed
7Basic and FEED engineering services and EPC tender documents preparation of gas injection facilities in Shourijeh oil fieldDesigningNatural Gas Storage Company14.5Completed
8Consulting and supervision services of drilling, reservoir full filed study, MDP preparation and preliminary engineering of early production of Band E Karkheh oil field development projectConsulting and supervisionPetroleum Engineering & Development Company60Completed
9Study and basic Design of artificial lifting of Bangestan reservoir in Mansour oil fieldDesigningNational Iranian South Oil Company10Completed
10Consulting services in reservoir engineering,  drilling, geology  and drilling supervision in Arvand and Darkhoyen oilfieldsConsulting and supervisionOil Exploration Operations Company24Completed
11Technical expert services in engineering affairs of  engineering and building managementMan poweringIranian Central Oil Field Company50Completed
12Supervision of Sarajeh and other fields of National gas companySupervisionNatural Gas Storage Company22Completed
13Engineering consulting services in Kish-1  gas field development projectConsultingPetroleum Engineering & Development Company1Completed
14Engineering consulting services in Kish 2 gas field development projectConsultingPetroleum Engineering & Development Company2Completed
15Underground gas storage project supervision in IranSupervisionNational Iranian Gas Company34Completed
16Site supervision on Shourijeh EPC gas injection and lifting projectsupervisionNatural Gas Storage Company16Completed
17As-Built drawing  preparation and update of the P& ID drawings Parsian Gas RefineryDesigningParsian Gas Refinery12Completed
18Underground natural gas storage  Ghezel Tapeh field  included of geophysical, geological and drilling  studies and supervisionConsulting and supervisionNatural Gas Storage Company8Completed
19Reservoir full filed study and MDP preparation of Sarvestan and Sadat Abad oil  fieldConsulting and supervisionIranian Central Oil Field Company17Completed
20Supervision of  underground  gas  storage in Shurije, Saraje and other surface projectsSupervisionNatural Gas Storage Company17Completed
21Consulting and supervision on underground gas storage in Nasr Abad structure  included of geophysical, geological and drillingConsulting and supervisionNatural Gas Storage Company37Completed
22MC & Man Powering of design planning and engineering for ICOFC (NIOC) in various fieldsDesigningIranian Central Oil Field Company24Completed
23Basic engineering design, FEED and EPC tender documents preparation for 30” offshore gas transmission pipe line from Salman platform to Siri islandDesigningIranian Offshore Oil Company10Completed
24Dasht E Abadan field 2D seismic reprocessingDesigningResearch Institute of Petroleum Industry6Completed
25Processing of VSP in 4 wells of IOCOFCDesigningIranian Offshore Oil Company4Completed
26Supervision on Nasr Abad, Ghezel Tapeh Projects  of Natural Gas Storage CompanySupervisionNatural Gas Storage Company24Completed
27Full field Studies for Natural Gas Storage in Emam E Hasan FieldDesigningNatural Gas Storage Company10Completed
28Processing of 1900 km 2D Land seismicDesigningNIOCEXP14On going
29Coil Tubing to NISOC WellsWell ServicingNational Iranian South Oil Company16On going
30Engineering ,Supervision and Re-design for Export Oil CompanyDesigningIranian Oil Terminal Company24On going
31Supply of Technical Assistance for E&C  Department of ICOFCMan poweringIranian Central Oil Fields Co12On going
32Geological Design and Wellsite Supervision on ICOFC Drilling RigDesigningIranian Central Oil Fields Co12On going
33Feeding and Archiving of Upstream Data Base For Arvandan Oil CompanyDesigningArvandan Oil & Gas Company6On going

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