Project CompletionSalman platform to Sirri Island Gas Pipeline, FEED study and EPCi Tender Package preparation project completed and delivered to the IOOC client

IPAC has completed and delivered the project final documents of 150 km offshore pipeline geophysical and geotechnical survey also comprehensive FEED study. This project has been done through a consortium of international companies in the survey activities also engineering with the IPAC leadership of the consortium.





New Project Won:  Imam Hassan Gas Field Conversion to UGS Pre-Feasibility Study (Underground Gas Storage)

IPAC has won the tender on the 11/08/1395 on the conversion study of Imam Hassan Gas field to UGS. This project is awaited for client official award letter for project commencement. This study is comprising Seismic data re- processing, re- interpretation also preliminary MDP preparation.







International Business: Kazakhstan Business Meeting for oil and gas projects

IPAC has forward look for the international business in the oil and gas and petrochemical projects in the CIS also neighbor countries with the strategy of win-win. IPAC has great potential of providing oil and gas subsurface and surface engineering and well services consultancy for whole international clients. In this regards IPAC participated in the business forum with Kazakhstan oil and gas sections on 20th -24th of Dec 2016 in Astana.


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Coiled Tubing Services:

IPAC has finalized the contract for well operation services with NISOC for two years and to provide the coiled tubing, cement units and nitrogen injection service for oil and gas wells via very expert crew with the brilliant experiences in this professional services. IPAC has a long term plan for this business development and has its owned yard in Ahwaz city allocated for CTU services for south oil and gas field well services.



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New Project Awarded: Zahab 1900 km 2D land seismic data processing

IPAC won Zahab 1900 km 2D land seismic data processing Tender No.  94135 placed by Client N.I.O.C Exploration Directorate on January 2017. IKA as subsidiary of IPAC is responsible to perform the job with the cooperation of international companies.




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