Project risk management requires a structured process to identify, remove, mitigate and control risks and also capture opportunities. IPAC has the expertise to help you implement and manage such a process.

HSE management impact business economy and poor HSE performance can result in, lost contracts, compensationary claims, damaged equipment, project delays, negative corporate reputation / image, poor working environment, and etc. IPAC has the expertise to help you optimize your organizations HSE performance. IPAC can support you in:



  • Safety and Risk Assessments, & Analysis
  • HAZOP/HAZID Coordination, Chairing and Reporting,
  • HSE and Risk Management,
  • Advanced Risk Engineering,
  • HSE Engineering Support,
  • HSE Training.
  • Regulatory Advice and GAP analysis
  • Management System Development and Upgrade
  • HSE Plans and Programs
  • Emergency Preparedness (Analysis, Procedures and Plans)
  • Evacuation Analysis
  • HAZID, Procedure HAZOP and SAFOP
  • Accident & Incident Investigation
  • Audits and Inspections